Check v0.136.0: Ruby (2.4 => 2.6), Rails ( => 5.2.6) and gems upgrade on CheckAPI

After a few weeks working on Ruby and Rails upgrade, CheckAPI is ready to be released! We updated Ruby (2.4 => 2.6), Rails ( => 5.2.6) and most of the gems.

The main goal of this upgrade was fixing the security vulnerabilities, but beyond that we wanted to take advantage of the improvements to Ruby, Rails, gems as well as taking advantage of new gems available.

This release also includes the features “Audio transcription”, “Tipline inbox filters”, “Tipline newsletter”, improvements on “Slack integration”, many changes on GraphQL types and queries, new migrations and tasks to change the existent data.

You can see the the list of changes in release notes.

Let us know in our forum if you run into any issues.