Hacktoberfest swag

Hi, I was wondering if I needed to make a PR that solved an issue specifically marked with the hacktoberfest tag in order to get the meedan swag. I already made a PR but it wasn’t related to any issue, so I don’t know if that counts as an entry.


For Meedan swag you need to have a PR merged (not only created) regardless of having been marked with a Hacktoberfest tag.
During Hacktoberfest we only rejected the PRs for small changes on documentation, like adding links or a table of contents.
Can you link here your PR?

We will give a feedback to all the pending PRs during this week.

What about already merged PRs? There’s no info on your website, how to order swag, if you qualify.

@daniela Same is the case with me too. Though the PR was merged it wasn’t tagged with hacktoberfest label. I created an issue too and pulled in https://github.com/computermacgyver for help.

PR - https://github.com/meedan/alegre/pull/36
Issue - https://github.com/meedan/check/issues/44

Will I be eligible for swag? If yes, where to fill the form with the relevant details?

@daniela, Please check https://github.com/meedan/check-web/pull/718 as well.

@daniela Can you also take a look at https://github.com/meedan/check-web/pull/747 (I’m not sure if it counts, but technically it’s not just documentation)

Hi @a17188eea!

If your PR was merged, you are qualified to receive the swag :slight_smile:


@Better-Boy, @dodococo and @378: Even without the label the PR is eligible for swag because it was merged. :tada:
You should have received an e-mail asking for your information :relaxed:

Please let us know if you have not received the email.

Hi @daniela, I hope its not too late, I haven’t been contacted yet. My PR is at: