Using GraphQL to query Check API

Check has a web interface where you can test GraphQL queries and mutations.
To try it, visit

In the left pane you can add the queries and mutations using the auto complete function. Then click on “play” button to execute it and get the response in the right pane.
By clicking on “Docs” on top right of the page you can see the documentation, browse the schema and its description.
If you are already logged in on Check, you can use the web interface to query the API and get all the content your user is allowed to.
To query from an external app, send us a message through Check to get an API key clicking on the balloon: intercom
You can see some queries with examples on:

These are the frequently asked queries:

Lists: GraphQL lists queries

Items: GraphQL items queries

Tasks: GraphQL tasks queries

For developers that are not familiar with GraphQL, this link can give an overview about how to query a GraphQL server:
If you have issues or questions about using Check API, create a topic under category “Developer Support” and use tag graphql to get help.

Happy coding! :computer: